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Rock the Farm 2018   Aug 17, 18 and 19

Here’s the low-down as of Aug. 1

Happy Birthday Jerry Garcia.

MORE TO COME--- Check back often

Thanks so much everyone for supporting the T-Shirts and Hats sale. This really helps make the event so much more awesome. We can’t wait to see all the colors. 


Rock the Farm is a free event.

Shirts are on sale till 7/30/2018 Don’t miss out. This is a limited time only.

Pick your favorite.


Now Hats are available for only a short time. This is a must have.


Rock the Farm is a free event.

The only offset is the shirt sales and donation locations. 90% of the Shirt sales goes to entertainment. 10% goes to refreshments.

Delany Acres Does NOT make money from the sale.

100% goes to the event.


It’s here!
The first official Sunday Funday Rock the Farm prep day.
This Sunday the 22nd
12pm (noon) - 8:00pm.

We have plenty to do to to get ready for the fun that is Rock the Farm.

Stage repair. Painting. Building. Fixing.
All manner of good stuff.

As always the beer is cold and the food is good.

Let me know if you are gonna come and hang with us.

It’s getting close!!!!


45 days till Rock the Farm. (exhale)

Delany Acres is undergoing preparations as we speak. It’s very exciting.

If your feeling like you’d like to participate in the festivities and are feeling creative …

We have an opportunity for you.

The idea is that during the weekend you could “Putt Putt Around the Farm”

This is your opportunity to deck out your “Putt Putt Hole”

Create and build a putt putt golf hole and bring it to Rock the Farm.

A few guideline. Min size 32sqf.  Max size 192sqf. NO FIRE, explosives, or projectile effects.

If you have questions please PM me.

This is a great opportunity to create and challenge your friends.


**New Initiative**

Reduce Plastic Reduce Trash

We are asking all to make an effort. Please bring your own flatware, plates and cups. Washing station will be availalbe. Recycling sorting will be appreciated.

As always if you would like to set up camp early or if you have RV or other rig we will be opening the Gates around noon on Friday.

We will also be setting up and preparing for The Main Event Saturday. We can always use extra creativity and muscles around.

Those coming on Friday. We will be having a spaghetti feed. John will be making his spaghetti sauce (both meatless and meat-ed) We'll throw down on some bread and green salad. Dinner around 7:00 pm. Bring a dessert or side if you feel compelled, not necessary.

If you KNOW you are coming on Friday please send me an email or drop me a note, or carrier pigeon me an RSVP.
If you just don't know, no biggie there will be plenty I am sure.

For those staying Friday night we will have a continental breakfast Saturday. Fruit, bagels, schmeer, cold cereal, and such, coffee, tea and the like


Yoga with Karen Klussendorf
Breakfast – 7:30 -9:00am
Setup for the day-

Lunch starts at 12:30pm
Lunch –
If interested bring sides and salads.

First band takes the stage at noon:


Dinner starts at 5:30pm (see dinner details to come)

and finally at 9:00 pm Bahttsi.

Pot luck Dinner is planned for 5:30 pm: We have a limited amount of refrigerator space so dishes that can be room temp are awesome. Also ice and coolers are fine if you want to bring your own refrigeration.

We welcome anything you all feel like sharing...sides, other salads, chips, desserts (not a lot of refrigeration) munchies, fruit.
Please if you bring a dish that is gluten free or paleo an index card indicating so would be great.
Also if you bring a serving dish please mark that dish with you name or other identifying marks so it can return to you.

We will have beer on tap, spirits and wine available until they run out. We will have a better system for alcohol monitoring this year. We have sodas and water, but as always you are welcome to add to the stash.

Bring your hula hoop if you are so inclined. there will be hooping going on. Don't have one? We have hula hoop making material here at the farm. All it takes is a little time and a small bit of creativity. Okay, maybe just time.

We are planning to live stream the event on Saturday. There will be a wide shot of the stage and live audio from the sound board. This is for all our friends and family who can not be with us due to distance and other factors. This will be free. More info to come as we approach.

For those staying Saturday night we will have the traditional pancake breakfast Sunday around 9:00 am.
As always we welcome group participation. Danish, donuts, breads, fruit, melon etc.

There is room for campers, trailers and tents. Folks are encouraged to stay if they imbibe.


Yoga with Karen Klussendorf

Pancake breakfast and tear down with a few Bloody Marys, Screw Drivers and a shot or two probably.

Dogs. Due to past incidences we have decided to not encourage dogs this year. If you are camping and want to bring your dog, please speak directly with Beth or John. The event is about family and a friendly environment.

Chairs and Shade. Please feel free to bring it.

Direction to Delany Acres:
19308 NE Davis Rd.
Brush Prairie, WA 98606https://goo.gl/maps/fxtb1Bw8NQ82https://goo.gl/maps/fxtb1Bw8NQ82https://goo.gl/maps/fxtb1Bw8NQ82https://goo.gl/maps/fxtb1Bw8NQ82shapeimage_2_link_0shapeimage_2_link_1shapeimage_2_link_2shapeimage_2_link_3
19308 NE Davis Rd. Brush Prairie, WA

Rock the Farm 2018

Save the Date!

Aug 17, 18, & 19