Delany Acres- 
Rock the Farm 2014
Oh, we Rocked the FARM

Amazing weekend folks! Thank you to all that made it out.

Special shouts out to - (in no particular order)

Kelly, Tonya, Charles, Adam, David, Seth, Bethany, Pat, Steve, Windy, Hunter, Casey, Kate, Val, Daniel, Zack, Celeste, Jillian, Derek, Kim, Tammy, Gary, Tamatha, Abe, Becky, Daren, Rob, Heather, Dave & Marcy, all the crock pot loaners and so, so many more! Thank you all!

Thanks to Jeremy Wilson, Shorty and the Mustangs, Gold Dust and Bahttsi!

Fantastic time here on the Farm. It rocked!

Pancakes for breakfast.

Love you all!

We’d love to see your pictures. Please send them to us to feature in a the photo album.

To listen to what you missed:

For everyone who missed the epic happening and all who did....mark your calendars - August 19, 20 & 21, 2016. Rock the Farm II - Still Rocking.


Thanks for a successful T-Shirt campaign. This helps elevate financial pressure greatly.

It will be great to these collector shirts out and about.

We are working hard getting ready and can’t wait to see you all. Stay cool out there.


Here’s the low-down as of 08/20/14

Couple quick notes:

Dogs. Dog are welcome as long as they are well behaved and supervised. Davis road gets a fair amount of traffic for a county road, also many neighbors have dogs as well and we would like to keep good relations with all. Oh and it is a horrible year for FLEAS. There are no fleas here at delany acres and we wish to keep it that way, so break out the frontline or advantage or whatever you dip, spray or feed your hounds to keep fleas away and dose em up.

Chairs. If you have a portable folding chair (of the beach or camping or concert variety) please feel free to bring it. We do not have the Hay this year (it is in use for something else) so there is not the scattered seating as was the case in the past. We will have chairs and tables for the eating area and some near the bar but there is a limited number. If to need to mark it for identification find Beth or Kelly or Tonya or John (me) we will have sharpies on us at all times.

Ooooooooh it's getting close. Excellent!!!!!!

Friday August 22- Setup and extended sound check starting around 3:00 pm

    Update: for those coming on Friday. We will be having a spaghetti feed. I will be cooking up my own sauce ( both meatless and meat-ed) We'll throw down on some bread and green salad. Dinner around 7:00 pm.

Update: If you know you are coming on Friday please send me an email or drop me a note, or carrier pigeon me an RSVP. If you just don't know, no biggie there will be plenty I am sure.

For those staying Friday night we will have a continental breakfast Saturday. Fruit, bagels, schmeer, cold cereal, and such, coffee, tea and the like.

Saturday August 23- First band Jeremy Wilson and the Triangle at noon; Then Shorty and the Mustangs at 3:00 pm Then Gold Dust at 6:00 pm and finally at 9:00 pm Bahttsi.

Food on Saturday is "TBA" Pot luck is appreciated cold, or room temp dishes would be best.

Update: Saturday, we will have the pork, rice, corn and salad.

We welcome anything you all feel like sharing...sides, other salads, chips, desserts( not a lot of refrigeration) munchies, fruit. Please if you bring a dish that is gluten free or paleo an index card indicating so would be great. Also if you bring a serving dish please mark that dish with you name or other identifying marks so it can return to you.

Beer and other spirits until they run out.

Update: Bring your hula hoop if you are so inclined. there will be hooping going on.

Don't have one? We have hula hoop making material here at the farm. All it takes is a little time and a small bit of creativity. Okay, maybe just time.


We are planning to live stream the event on Saturday. There will be a wide shot of the stage and live audio from the sound board. This is for all our friends and family who can not be with us due to distance and other factors. This will be free. More info to come as we approach.

For those staying Saturday night we will have the traditional pancake breakfast Sunday around 9:00 am.

As always we welcome group participation. Danish, donuts, breads, fruit, melon etc.

There is room for campers, trailers and tents. Folks are encouraged to stay if they imbibe.

Sunday August 24- Pancake breakfast and tear down with a few Bloody Marys.

August 23, 2014
19308 NE Davis rd. Brush Prairie, WA 98606
Rock the Farm
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