Welcome to Delany Acres


We are getting ready for...


August 17, 18 and 19 2018.

More to come.


ROCK THE FARM 2016 was Epic!!!

Thanks so much for everyones help make Rock the Farm a huge success. Fun was had by all on the hottest weekend of the summer in Clark County in 2016. Picts will be posted soon. We had so much fun... let’s do it again in 2018.

Thanks again to EVERYONE.

Get ready this event is going to be a good one.


August 2016

Preparing for Rock the Farm 2016. August 19, 20 & 21, 2016. Huge thanks to everyone who has spent time here on the farm helping get ready. We can’t do this alone. Please check out the RtF link above for details.

Get ready this event is going to be a good one.


Jan 2016

Happy New Year. 2016 is going to be legendary.

Huge farm upgrade. Solar panels every where. New roofs for all living quarters.

If you are interested in this process contact us.  We’d love to give a referral.

Save the dates:

ROCK THE FARM is scheduled for August 19, 20 & 21, 2016. Details to come.

We wish everyone a healthy and happy year. Please stay in touch.


August 18, 2015

Fitz-Mac-Bay-any Reunion 2015 was a huge success.

Please check out the photo albums for evidence.

Huge Thank You to, Kelly Fitzgerald for spear heading this event, Tonya Butts, Charles Bedell for leading the kitchen activities to great yummy-ness.

it’s been at least 15 years since some of this family has seen each other. Our elders would be proud.



WOW, what a summer.

We rocked the farm this summer. Huge success. Thanks to all who help it make it a success. Everyone made it special. Please check out the site and photos.

We’d love ideas to make the next event even better.

Speaking of...

Save the date for :

August 19, 20 & 21, 2016.

Rock the Farm II - Still Rocking.


It’s that time again. Save the date of the weekend of August 22, 2014 when we

ROCK THE FARM” celebrating 65 years of Delany Acres.

To help contribute to the festivities please check out our T-Shirt campaign:



What a long strange trip it’s been...

Celebrated John and Beth’s 25th wedding anniversary August 17, 18 & 19 2012. Many friends and family attended and fun was had by all. Check out the photo album.

Special Thanks to: Bahttsi, Shorty and the Mustangs, Rubella Graves for wonderful music. Mike Hudson for the volume and lights. Windy Walhke for her magical face painting.Tonya Butts for being a kitchen goddess. John and Heidi Fitzgerald for being wonderful and supportive which means help with everything. Hunter Fitzgerald and Casey Glenn-Dougal for working weeks prior of work and set up. Huge Thank You to Kelly Fitzgerald for many hours of pre work and making it happen. Also her little helper Kassidy James for keeping it real. Tom McGraw and Morning Star Landscape for prep work. Greg Walters for setting up the technology in the barns and talking Beth off the ledge.

We Thank our guest, for without you the last 25 year would not be celebrated. We had a great time and look forward to maybe doing it again... maybe in 25 more years. Can you imagine our 50th extravaganza?

Hold on, and enjoy the ride, we are just getting started.
Thanks again everyone.


Yard Sale was a huge success. A lot of “stuff” found new homes and the final purge was extremely satisfying. We want to send out a huge Thank You to Kelly for taking the lead on this project. With out the help of Hunter, Casey, Bethany, Rob and many others this event would not be possible.


Hometown Exterior Designs installed new window in the manufactured home, and Rob updated most of the electricity in the barns. Just a few more steps to making a safe, and efficient farm.


Fencing and five new gates installed on the property. The main gate is a security gate, so just push the call button. Better yet, call us and let us know your coming.


The celebration went off like a dream. Thanks to everyone for helping. We are currently preparing for the changing of the seasons. Sorting and more sorting. We will be planning for a huge yard sale for next spring. Stand by for that.

Please keep in touch.




19308 NE Davis Rd

In 1949, Gilbert K Delany purchased and moved to 7 acres in Clark County, Washington.

He designed and maintained a pig farm and then a rabbit farm until his health over took him.

In 2009, his daughter and son-in-law took over the property.

Along with friends and family, a lot of hard work, the property will once again thrive with joy and laughter.